New Issues UI (Beta)
We've been working for a few months on a new Issues UI to make triaging and resolving problems in your model performance easier in the following ways:
  • Make it easier to access and configure suggested workflows to resolve known issue types (eg Fixing Data + Label Quality Issues)
  • Display clear next steps to take at every stage of a known issue type
  • Implement design patterns that will allow us to add future functionality without cluttering the interface with potentially irrelevant information

Usage Guide

The New Issues UI is a beta feature that is off by default. To opt in, please reach out to the Aquarium team and we'll enable it for your organization.

Creating or Adding to an Issue

The Add To Issue button now opens up a more visual search modal:
When you opt to create a new issue, you can specify what kind of issue it is; you can then configure relevant components upfront.
We currently support two types of issues, with more to come as needs arise:
  • Rare Scenario, for frames that contain under-represented samples, which will auto-configure a collection campaign and allow you to add in a labeling service integration to make it easier to incorporate new samples into your dataset.
  • Generic, which you can use to partition your data to run similarity search against or generally to corral groups of data according to your own needs.
A Rare Scenario creation form will include a Labeling Integration field
You can further select elements in a generic issue and create a new issue of any type from them.

Issue Details

Individual issue pages will include pipeline pieces if configured:
A Rare Scenario Issue with a Labeling Integration
A Generic Issue with only Elements
If the new issue details UX doesn't work for your workflow, please let us know! You can always switch back to the old one using the action button in the top right.
Last modified 27d ago